It was Monday and my feet felt itchy. They longed to be back on the trail so I headed for Crawford Lake with my friend Christine Guzman, a poet. After our walk Christine put her pen to paper and she has allowed me to share her poem here. magdalena

Crawford Lake Musings

bare trees 2Hiking in

early December

grey, threatening skies,

trees bare of their leaves

nature in reflection

between two seasons.

The bounty of colours have left us

drawing attention to life’s bare bones

brilliant green moss carpeting rocks,

096cedar trees, roots as fingers grasp at boulders

finding moisture in cracks and crevices

cling on to life

and flourish against all odds.

Tree stumps

ghosts of their strong pasts

with ripples

that demonstrate nature’s adapting

a wire fence

integrated into the tree’s growth.

Another tree fallen,

094with roots scattered wide, yet flat

demonstrate that roots

need to grow deep

to hold on during the turbulances of life.

As nature pauses

and adapts

in myriad ways,

I reflect, so can I.

by christine guzman


One response to “Inspired

  1. There isn’t a ‘really like” button so here it is – I really-like! It captures beautifully the mood of hiking in early winter.

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