Photographing our journey

IMG_7705I think one of the reasons Marian and I stay away from organized Bruce Trail hikes is that we cannot imagine finding a group that would accommodate our obsession with photographing everything we see.  Once something catches our eye, we are compelled to stop and take a million shots.  Our cameras are the same model, so we can compare notes on settings and other features (the blind leading the blind at times, neither of us being technical experts, but it helps).  Our essential criteria in choosing the camera was that it be very compact – it is always immediately accessible on our waist packs, and readily stowed again when we need both hands free.

In the 4 days in Sydenham we took over 600 pictures.  There’s lots we are happy with, and many of these appear in this and other recent posts.  However, there are of course also many that did not turn out.  It is, we have found, virtually impossible to truly capture the fascinating crags and crevices everywhere. Sydenham Forest East, a section of trail criss-crossed with crevices, and the Lloyd Laycock Cave are two examples of areas where, try as we might, our photos just didn’t do the scenery justice.

The flowers and the spider webs and the odd snake, on the other hand turned out quite nicely indeed, and we  hope you enjoy them!

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4 responses to “Photographing our journey

  1. Genevieve H. Plank

    Hi Magdalena,

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    Vote today, and every day, until June 3, 2013 to give the BTC the best chance of success.

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    Thank you,

    Genevieve H. Plank

  2. Hi ladies:
    I heard your interview on CBC radio last fall and have been awaiting your spring posts. It was an inspiring interview! Your writing is so interesting and photographs are amazing! I am a member of the Peninsula Bruce Trail Club and one of the editors of the Club’s newsletter The Rattler. When I heard your interview I thought it would be fun for a group of us to join you on your trek in the Peninsula section but after reading your recent posts it sounds as though you are thoroughly enjoying your journey and each other’s company completely, so on second thought, we wouldn’t want to intrude. But, would you consider writing an article about your journey but in particular the peninsula portion for The Rattler? If we can be of any assistance to you please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Kathryn. Thanks so much for your kind comments. I don`t think your idea is an intrusion at all – it would be a fun way to celebrate our final section. Plus we`d be honoured to write a piece for your newsletter. I should alert you though – we seem to be on another hiatus, what with overseas travels (Marian) and visitors from overseas (me). It may be Fall before we get to Peninsula section. Please stay in touch, through the blog or through our email address: magdalena

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