Of caves and crevices

Some sections of trail offer stunning waterfalls, some offer spectacular views of Lake Huron.  What stood out most for me in our 4-day hike in Sydenham, though, were the caves and crevices.

IMG_7490I love the crevices that slice so deep into the rock throughout the escarpment.  We encountered our first crevice not long after we started out, and far down below we could see lingering remnants of snow.  We enjoyed many more of them as we travelled on, most of which we glanced at, marvelled, and then carried on.  Near the end of the second day, when we were already feeble with fatigue, the trail passed right through an amazing crevice that required us to travel right over snow patches.  It was an energy boost – out came the cameras!

The third day was even more fun.   Not far from our B&B we spotted alerting us to a narrow crevice, not for the faint of heart.  It was everything it promised to be.  We spent the next 30 minutes snapping photos of each other and of the rock.

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And we had hardly progressed when we found this blaze leading us down into yet another fissure:IMG_7617

Our final day passed by the Lloyd Laycock Cave Side Trail, 100m according to the sign.  “I’m going in,” I called back to Marian. The rock formations were stunning.  These pictures attempt to portray some of the scale.  The guidebook advises flashlights for the final stretch, which we did not have, and the snow-covered trail looked risky so in the end we missed the actual cave.

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Our B&B hosts know the family who owns the property and they told us Mr. Laycock was very proud of his caves, as he should be.  They are indeed spectacular.  Thank you, Laycock family, for sharing it with hikers like us! magdalena


2 responses to “Of caves and crevices

  1. Magdalena & Marian:
    Consider me to be one of those trillium flowers who are cheering you on.
    I’m enjoying your travels vicariously in reading and looking at your photos. I look forward to joining you someday.
    Does it feel any different Magdalena since you left “the working world” behind – do you have even more appreciation for all of nature’s pleasures?

    • Thanks Wilma – appreciate that cheering! You raise a good question. I think when I was working it was a good anti-dote, a great de-stressor. Now it`s just wonderful for its own sake. 🙂 -magdalena

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