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The BTC needs new members

IMG_1918It’s amazingly hard for us to get out to the trail this year and I miss it.  It looks like it will be the first weekend in May before we can get up to Sydenham and continue our way to Tobermory.  In the meantime, I came across a call from the Bruce Trail Conservancy

for volunteers to help them recruit new members.  Because the Bruce Trail has been such an enriching part of my life these last two years, I’ve decided to support them through this blog.

There’s a push on right now because they have been offered matching donations for every new member who agrees to join.

Kilometer 0.0 - The "southern terminus" of the Bruce Trail at Queenston

Kilometer 0.0 – The “southern terminus” of the Bruce Trail at Queenston

We ourselves had pretty simple reasons for joining when we started this trek – we wanted our end-to-end hike to be recognized, and for that we needed to be members.  Yes, I got the discounts on the guidebook, and I got the magazine, and the tax receipt was an unexpected bonus, but what really mattered was that I get the club badges for completing individual sections, and the official end-to-end badge at the end.

If you were to ask me today why I think you should join, I’d base it more on the environmental importance of the escarpment.  I’ve learned how we can’t take access to this marked trail of 885 km along the gorgeous Niagara Escarpment for granted.  Its future is actually quite precarious in that only about 50% of the land the trail passes through land that is secured.  The rest is in private hands and remains vulnerable to development.  The BTC is committed to its preservation but it depends almost completely on volunteers and on donations – government support represents only 2% of its total annual revenue. Whether or not you hike, this is an important cause.

BT_Magazine_-_Spring_2013_-_cover[1]Please consider being one of the 5 members I’ve agreed to recruit.  By doing so you will help support the environment, and help preserve access to a great Ontario landmark.   A 12-month family membership costs only $50.  You’ll get a tax receipt for the full amount so it will actually cost you less, and it will count double for the BTC because of the matching grant.  The membership form has a space where you can indicate who referred you –  please fill in my name (Magdalena Vander Kooy).  Many thanks! magdalena