Sisters of the Bruce

Laura Secord House ruinsWe’ve found our soul sisters – or, to be precise, they found us!  They call themselves Bruce’s Angels, and like us, they have been ensnared by the Bruce’s charms and fallen victim to its spell.  “Beyond anything the three of us have done…this caps all…..the thinking time is beyond describing …..the aha moments are too many to count…….the bonding time…priceless!” wrote Marissa when she first contacted us.

They were among the many people who discovered us and our blog after our radio interview in November.   Apparently they were asked if it was them on the radio.  Small wonder – the Angels’ adventure on the Bruce is amazingly parallel to ours.

The Angels’ leader is Marissa.  She says hiking the entire trail was always on her bucket list, and she cajoled a co-worker, Keara, and her sister, Monique, into keeping her company.  At this point they have just completed the Blue Mountain secIMG_0679tion, and are about to begin Beaver Valley, so even their progress is similar to ours. The Angels have been trekking onward through winter and snow while Marian and I have been hibernating these few months – now that impresses me!  Their free time comes in the winter, they say, so they just carry on.  It’s kind of like they’re the night shift to our day shift or something.

Of course we all loved each other immediately.  There was so much to share, so much to ask.  We talked about hard times and great times on the trail, we talked about the amazing beauty of the Escarpment, and about the push-pull of family commitments versus this personal passion.  Marian is of course supremely jealous that Monique’s dog Sidnee is part of their team.  I myself loved the fact that Marissa keeps her guidebook so pristine – ours are happily marked up with our progress to date.  For both of us, seeing all their photos brought back  memories of our own times in all those same places.bruce trail jan 16th 2013 024

When it was time to go we didn’t so much say good-bye as so long – I have a strong feeling there is a combined hike in our future…  magdalena


One response to “Sisters of the Bruce

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated – what a wonderful story – to have met new friends that have shared the wonderful and challenging
    adventure that you have. We are thrilled to have met you and to have been part of your journey. All the best and maybe we will see all you at ‘Maxwell’s Cabin B&B’ Hugs, Tom & Dar

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