Warrior Goddesses

October 30, 2012; Nottawassaga Bluffs to Devil’s Glen

Heeding the weather reports that suggested the effects of the Frankenstorm would last into the morning, we decided to be safe and delay our walk until later in the day. So after a leisurely breakfast we hit the trail at 11am.

It was another wet day, but the temperature was considerably milder today and the predicted severe winds did not occur, thankfully at least not while we were on the trail. There was a low lying fog covering everything and the trees were constantly dripping, even during the brief interludes when the rain stopped.  The atmosphere had an eerie stillness that created a mystical feel and encouraged a sense of solitude and inwardness.  I discovered a whole new appreciation for walking in the rain.

Mary texted us while we walked and called us great warrior goddesses, a term that seemed to fit the spirit of the moment and we joyfully embraced it, as we trudged along in the mist in our flowing rain ponchos, braving the weather and treacherous terrain. The sounds of gunshots nearby kept us on the alert and added to our warrior image. (And some people think that Toronto is a dangerous place.)  Needless to say we were thankful that our ponchos were bright orange.

All in all, it was an adventurous and challenging day! In many places the path had turned into a creek from all the rain, forcing us to walk alongside through the high brush. In other places we had to dodge giant puddles, wade across submerged bridges or find other creative ways to avoid getting our feet wet. Much of the time we just sloshed through squishy muck and soggy ground.

The most challenging section was in Devil’s Glen leading down to the Mad River (interesting names). At the peak, there was a sign marked with two black diamonds; it would have been an extremely dangerous slope, even in the best of conditions, but with all the rain, was probably the most difficult part of the trail we had experienced yet. We made our way cautiously, slipping and sliding and astonishingly without falling, down a very steep incline consisting of a number of switchbacks.  But we survived and completed 14 km by 3:45pm. Even more surprisingly, we managed to stay relatively dry and comfortable throughout this wet day. Are we not warrior goddesses? …marian

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