Weather Alert

Sunday, October 28, 2012.  Black Bank to Noisy River

Airport Road is one of my favorite Ontario roads. During the past few months, driving it so often, to and from our Bruce Trail meeting points, it has become like an old familiar friend. It’s given me that time to reflect, a transitional opportunity to let go of life’s stressors and tune into the peace and beauty of nature.  The panoramic vistas are still breathtaking in a bleak mid-November sort of way (even though it is still October). The trees are almost bare; the colors mostly gone and the sky is a threatening dark grey.

There is an ominous feeling permeating everything today. As I am driving, weather stories dominate the news; there is constant talk about emergency preparedness for hurricane Sandy dubbed “Frankenstorm” heading our way, an earthquake in BC, tsunami warnings in Hawaii, the road washed out in Wawa.  The local forecast is rain and high winds for the entire week.  And here I am, on my way to meet Magdalena for a week of hiking! No wonder I feel an impending sense of doom. What are we doing? Have we lost our perspective in our obsession to hike? We planned this vacation, months ago and are determined to follow it through regardless of what gets in our way.  Our plans almost fell through due to my daughter’s upcoming move to England but we worked that out, so now we’re not going to let a week of bad weather stop us!

Yes, there is some trepidation, but I have to admit that part of me is excited – I love storms and relish the challenge of coping with inclement weather.  In preparation for late fall hiking weather, I just bought myself some new good quality hiking boots, water-repellent breathable pants and jacket as well as a polar fleece.

my new gear

I finally feel like a legitimate hiker, having joined the ranks of the elite in my MEC hiking gear and am eager to try it out.  Plus we have our orange rain ponchos… So damn the weather warnings!

We arrive at our starting point at 930am but a phone call pulls me back to reality. The nature of the call plus poor reception further unsettle my already apprehensive mood and it takes a while for me to unwind. As always, eventually I am able to shed myself of my worries and stressors and get into the rhythm of the trail. It is truly a journey in meditation. This is the real draw of the Bruce Trail for me. The air is cold and damp and the terrain is challenging – muddy and slippery from recent rains but my new boots are perfect.

We complete the first 11 kilometers and the Dufferin section before the rain starts. The last hour and a half are spent walking in a steady but gentle rain that is really quite soothing. With our rain ponchos on, we stay comfortably warm and dry. ..marian

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3 responses to “Weather Alert

  1. Wow, you guys are tenacious. Again, gorgeous and inspiring pictures.

  2. Linda Booy-Korvemaker

    looking good Marian – all the best this week!

  3. Great pictures, Marian…I’d love to join you some time.

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