Road hiking – lots and lots of road

This was the hike I had been dreading.  More than 10 km. on the road – ugh!  And add to that, “extreme heat alert” weather.  A nasty combination.

We decided to get on the trail early, keep the day’s hike short, and just “get ‘er done”!  It was a good plan and we have a sense of accomplishment and considerable relief to know that it’s behind us.

It wasn’t all road, of course.  Of the 13.8 km we covered, about 3.4 went through fields and woods.  One of the fields held an enormous patch of milkweeds.  Milkweed being the only plant that the larvae of Monarch butterflies can feed on, the patch was a paradise for the beautiful orange and black butterflies which flitted around us as we walked.  Mostly they were too fast for our cameras, but I did manage to capture one.

The wooded sections offered us another kind of patch – raspberries and blackberries!  Yum.

Most of the road section was actually quite pretty – not much traffic, beautiful views, and a fair bit of shade.  We were feeling good about the day as we approached Airport Road, starting to wish we had targeted a longer hike.  How quickly that changed.  The 1.8 km along Airport Road was noisy, unbearably hot, and long.  We were much relieved to turn into Finnerty Sideroad and know that our car was waiting 1.5 km up the road.

We finished the day with a brew at the Bellfountain Inn, driving along the Forks of the Credit Road which has to be one of Ontario’s most beautiful roads. It made us think of Kim who toured us through here in June.

From here our hike will be on hiatus until the latter half of August.  Magdalena is taking some time at the cottage, and Marian is travelling to Romania.  magdalena


3 responses to “Road hiking – lots and lots of road

  1. Oh Oh, Is that someone walking on the right with traffic potentially coming at you from behind?

    When road walking should we not be walking on the left and facing traffic. Back on the Trail, yes, keep to the right except to pass.

    Let’s all make walking and hiking safe and enjoyable!


    Really enyoy all your musings!


  2. We’ve been busted! You’re right of course, Grant. I promise you we were much more careful on Airport Road, lol.

  3. Thanks again for sharing.. enjoy your time away … and Tom & I will look forward to more of your adventures … not every trail has everything but … everything has a trail ….??? (lol) enjoy … and great to be part of your adventure ….. hugs, Tom & Dar

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