Another completion

Monday June 25, 2012

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The final day of our 3 day trek in the Beaver valley was a short one. We had less than 7 km to complete this section of the trail and rather than go on into the next section, we had decided to make it an early day and take our time heading back home.  Magdalena had left her socks at the last B&B and so had finagled a lunch invitation from Tom and Darlene today.

We started out at 9:25 am after a leisurely breakfast at the Rocklyn Inn, parking our car at the end point and then having Mel drive us back to where we left off the day before. It was a perfect summer day; the sun was shining, big fluffy clouds in the horizon, a gentle breeze blowing and the meadows covered in wild flowers.  The trail was easy, and after a relaxed 2 hours, which included lots of photo ops we got to the car having walked only 10,643 steps today.

at the end of the beaver valley

Completing the Beaver Valley was bittersweet. We have really enjoyed our time here and meeting some of the people who call this part of Ontario home. Discovering bits of Ontario that we never knew existed and having the opportunity to experience places up close and personal is definitely an added bonus of walking the Bruce; something that rarely happens when you are driving…marian


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