To be continued…

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After a good night’s sleep our bodies are recovered and ready to forge ahead for our final day. Despite lots of photo ops, we make it to Hogg’s Falls in 2 hours and 20 minutes and decide to take advantage of the Falls as a perfect backdrop for a picture of us in our matching rain gear since it doesn’t look like we will be needing it on this trip. We are very proud of this overpriced, yet practical MEC purchase which folds into a small matching pouch.

posing in front of Hogg’s Falls in our matching rain gear

After lunch we continue onward through the boggy southern section of the Beaver Valley a 2 km loop (which we could have easily skipped except for Magdalena’s scrupulousness) before starting north on the western side of the Beaver valley.  The terrain is similar here to the eastern side except for the magnificent, gigantic, old maples and beeches we encounter. Many are so old, huge limbs have broken off and their trunks are completely rotted out, probably housing numerous critters but still they are standing, majestic and proud; sentinels, gurus to the young saplings surrounding them.  Another “favorite thing”.

a picture just doesn’t capture their majesty

Finally, we come out of the forest into a meadow with a spectacular view across the valley, all the way to Old Baldy and the Penstocks where we were just 2 days ago.  This visual gives us an incredible sense of the distance we have hiked.

We reach our car at 2:29pm, completing 29,839 steps or 21.18 kilometres according to Magdalena’s watch in a respectable 5 hours and 26 minutes. However, according the official Bruce Trail map we have only hiked 13.8 kilometres. This significant discrepancy between the BT map and Magdalena’s watch suggests to me that the maps do not accurately account for all the vertical distances but regardless of which numbers we use, we are proud of our achievements over the past 4 days and already planning our next hikes as we head back home. Good bye Beaver Valley- until we will return  …marian


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