Mother’s day interlude

277 km, 3 section badges, 18 days hiking – our families are recognizing that we are two determined women.  So when I proposed that for Mother’s Day this year I’d love my troupe (Makhudu, Barbara and Rob, David) to join me on one of my favourite sections of the trail for a mini-hike and a picnic, they agreed right away.

What to choose?  So many favourite places.  Do we go for the views?  Waterfalls?  Rock formations?  Challenge?  In the end, I settled on the Hole in the Wall in the Toronto section, near Limehouse.  Not too far from home, a blue side trail creating an interesting 2.8 km loop, and the awesome Hole in the Wall rocks to clamber through.  It offered amazing rock crevices, some of the most dramatic limestone rock formations and a beautiful cedar woods.  It also happens to be the Toronto Club’s featured hike, which was perhaps why we saw so many fellow hikers – yes, families, with mothers!

I had a great day with the people I love, who now know a little better why their mom is having so much fun in her adventure with Marian.  Thanks, guys.    magdalena


2 responses to “Mother’s day interlude

  1. You look like your all on a safari. I’m guessing Makhudu must be hooked.

  2. Mary Guldemond

    Great family picture! You are some role model, Magdalena!

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