May 5, 2012 Cheltenham Badlands

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Yesterday was another glorious hiking day. Again we were blessed with spectacular weather; mostly sunny with intermittent clouds; a comfortable temperature; warm with a cool breeze; perfect for hiking.  The early heat in March and then cooler temperatures in April have given us a prolonged spring this year and so the blossoms on the fruit trees, the trilliums, violets, dandelions and other spring flowers were still magnificently out in full force.

So what made this day stand out from all the others? First of all we had company! Our spouses finally agreed to join us, with some trepidation, but eager to experience first-hand the excitement we have been expressing every time we come back from a day on the trail.lunchtime

We wanted it to be an enjoyable relaxing day for all of us, so decided on a comfortable 12.6 kilometre distance and respectable starting time of 10:30 a.m. The trail wasn’t too strenuous but there were enough hills to keep Makhudu and Dana impressed. Often the boys trailed behind, talking loudly and animatedly, oblivious to us as we forged ahead.  The trail was quite mucky and slippery in places but even Makhudu who was wearing runners managed to navigate around these places without any slip-ups.

Along the way we discovered the Spirit Tree Estate Cidery a wonderful local market/bakery/restaurant.  The diversion inside and tasty bakery treats we enjoyed on the picnic benches outside were well worth the time out.

Another accomplishment; we completed the Toronto section of the trail on this hike! We are now into the Caledon Hills section. Magdalena had been keenly anticipating this part of the trail, with hopes of spectacular views of the badlands along the way but unfortunately this wasn’t the case and so after we finished our hike, we drove to the lookout, which was well worth the detour.

We finished off our hike with a celebratory beer back at the Terra Cotta Inn. As we move further away from Toronto, it will become increasingly challenging to do day hikes. So with this in mind we are enthusiastically planning a 4-day hike over the long weekend in May in the Beaver Valley section, staying at local B&Bs there. marian


3 responses to “May 5, 2012 Cheltenham Badlands

  1. It was fun! I was impressed with the walk. Initially I was worried about being able to walk 12.6 km but I did it! So thank you, guys.

  2. Well done ladies!

  3. Makhudu,

    I’m very impressed with your 12.6km hike! I fondly remember some very “brisk” lunch time “walks” through Edwards Gardens and the adjoining park
    with your lovely lady. She would talk the entire time, never sounding the least bit out of breath! I, on the other hand, would be panting happily along beside her and wondering how on earth she could do it. She’ always been an amazing lady and I’ll never forget those walks we shared. However, at this point, I’m happy to live vicariously through this blog.

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