Day 17, April 21, 2012.  Scotsdale Farm to Terra Cotta.

This was a day to celebrate trilliums.  Gracious and elegant in their simplicity and in the purity of the white petals and the green leaves, Ontario’s official flower of Ontario blooms in early spring.  Today, April 21, 2012, they were at their peak.  In places they carpeted the entire forest floor, while in other places we spotted a single flowering plant tucked prettily at the base of a giant tree.

The day was cold and overcast – I was glad for my extra turtleneck but sorry I hadn’t brought warmer gloves or a wool hat.  Still, the day suited my mood.  There’s something about a cloudy day that is more subdued and therefore more contemplative.   It helps me steady my spirit as I walk through the day.  Step after step, I grow more quiet and tranquil, and allow the rhythm to slow my thoughts as I reconnect with my centre.

The section of the trail that we covered today was magnificently beautiful.  All fifteen km. were on forested trails through cedars and hardwoods, and much of it followed along Silver Creek.  We send a particular shoutout to the Toronto Club for the great many boardwalks through swampy sections. We know it represents a lot of volunteer hours to keep it in such good shape.  Thank you!

We had lots of company on the trail.  Once again, we met large groups of Chinese hikers, the high energy boisterous men in front, gradually winding down to the stragglers at the end panting as they climbed the rises with their walking sticks.  We also saw lots of dog walkers, in pairs or alone.

You try to find cover here!

This was the day I was almost caught with my pants down!  We’ve never really mentioned pee breaks before but they are a given – there are no facilities along the trail.  We’ve become quite blasé, nature trumping modesty, a quick check to see if there are others around and then down come the pants.  I was already squatting when Marian called out, “I hear voices!”  She hurried ahead to ask the couple to wait until I announced myself decent once more.  We had a good chuckle but the man was not amused – neither of them were – he advised me to move away from the trail next time.  Easier said than done, the woods in the spring offer limited cover.

The day ended with our usual beer and this time we went to the picturesque Terra Cotta Inn.  Upstairs we would definitely have been out of place with our hiking boots, muddied pants and windblown hair, but the downstairs pub was perfect: a fire blazing in the hearth, a pub fare menu, tables covered with flannel-back plastic table cloths, a stone floor.  The only thing missing was the wellies. magdalena

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6 responses to “Trilliums

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Wow, you give a new meaning to ‘bottoms up’ ! lol Keep up the good work. Looking forward to arming you with a video camera soon.

    Happy Trails,

  2. Linda Booy-Korvemaker

    Thanks for sharing Magdelena and Marian – I do enjoy your adventure!

  3. Mary Guldemond

    What a fabulous opening photo!

  4. What a beautiful write up about Saturday! great photography

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