Easter Renewal

Day 16, April 7, 2012.  Speyside to Scotsdale Farm.

Today’s hike was – dare I say it – kind of dull in comparison to previous hikes.  We were glad it wasn’t our first.  We had easy walking with no steep climbs, we traveled along the edges of many farmers’ fields and walked on quite a few roads.  It felt more like a walk in the country than one of our typical rugged hikes on the Bruce Trail.

On the other hand, who can complain about cloudless and brilliant sunshine, with hardly a breeze in the air, and temperatures were in the low teens.

Spring was announcing itself with buds on trees, trilliums pushing their way up through the leaf cover, butterflies flitting about, and early blossoms on trees.

It was a perfect day for walking, and because it was Easter weekend we had lots of company on the trail.

note the blaze above the "hole in the wall" - yes, you need to pass through this

The highlight of the hike was definitely the enchanting Hole in the Wall area.  The section has amazing rock formations, with deep fissures and promontories, all within a fragrant cedar forest.   The trail actually passes through the biggest fissure by means of two ladders – hence the name, Hole in the Wall.

The worst part of the hike?  The 3/4 km section along Highway 7 with heavy traffic roaring by.  Arrgghhh.  What a relief it was to drop back into the forest after that.

We ended the day in Georgetown where, before beer, we stopped in at The White Rabbit.  This is a used bookstore run by Marian’s old college friends, Tom and Marilyn, which bills itself as the go-to bookstore for Georgetown and we are recommending it as the go-to place for BT hikers who need something to curl up with as they rest up after a day’s hike .  It’s  bright and cheerful, and is spilling over with a fantastic selection of contemporary books in mint condition.  I immediately spotted titles like Paul Coehlo’s The Witch of Portobello  and Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, just 2 of many familiar and wonderful titles on the shelves.  Tom had a number of copies of  Steve Hainsworth’s  Adventures with Bruce, about the author’s 30 day hike along the Bruce Trail in 2010 – we each bought a copy of course!

I’m very excited about our next two hikes.  We’re heading into Terra Cotta, and then after that we’re on to the Forks of the Credit.  magdalena

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5 responses to “Easter Renewal

  1. Toronto Bruce Trail Club

    Hi Bruce Trail Women
    Yes, sorry about that bit of road walking after teh Limehouse area (the Hole in The Wall). The original Bruce Trail used to run though the area below Hwy 7 but it was closed off by a landowner in the area who maybe one day will change their minds. The Duff Pitt Side Trail actually follows a bit of the old route. I swear I have seen one of the original blazes on a tree in there near one of my favourite little waterfalls.
    Another great blog!
    Grant Leigh
    E-Notes Editor
    Toronto Bruce Trail Club

  2. Very nice blog, Magdalena!

  3. Richard Vanderkooy

    love the tale, the trail, sunshine, fields, buds, freshness brought to my soul!

  4. Variety makes the more interesting places, all that much more.
    Through every dark forest somewhere a field is born.


  5. Made me want to jump up from my desk and pull the boots on and go! Walking is so stately and so stimulating. Lovely pictures too! What a great project. Love the blog.

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