We reach the Queenston cairn!

Day 14, November 13, 2011. Niagara Falls (Fireman’s Park) to Queenston.

Kilometer 0.0 - The "southern terminus" of the Bruce Trail at Queenston

We did it – we completed the Niagara section today, and thereby we also completed what we had set out to do in 2011.  It had seemed ambitious when we were starting the Iroquoia section in June and talked about whether we might  reach the Niagara River this year.  And yet, look at us – one step after another, one hike after another, and lo and behold, we’ve now done two full sections, become seasoned hikers, and covered 221 km of the Trail!

To be honest, there was a bit of an anti-climactic feel to the morning.  We had left ourselves a short 7 km, over easy terrain, and we had had an early start because we stayed at the Falls overnight.  The day was typical for November weather – cloudy and dull – and our moods and conversation seemed to match despite the fact that today we set out with Starbucks in hand (another first).  Our energy was a bit flat, and our topics were heavy.

It came as a surprise, actually, to find that we were finished, and that it was only 11 o’clock.  Our first clue that we were close was that we spotted the Niagara River in the distance; then we discovered we were right at the Brock monument; and then – well, then, there it was, the stone cairn to mark the ‘southern terminus’, kilometre 0.0 of the Bruce Trail!  Wow!

We set up the mini-tripod for our celebratory picture and as we did so a couple of local hikers came by to look at the cairn.  They offered us a lift to our car at Fireman’s Park, which made for another auspicious moment and a fitting finish  (Thanks, Mary, in case you’re reading this).

And with that we say adieu to 2011 hikes, and go on hiatus for the winter.  On a hiking hiatus at least.  We have a few ideas for our blog and our pictures, so stay tuned.    magdalena


2 responses to “We reach the Queenston cairn!

  1. Congratulations on completing this goal! Sounds like you had a good week-end of hiking and a wonderful end to this section of the trail. Enjoy your break.Joanne

  2. Congratulations. Will you be hiking in the winter too?

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