We’ve been discovered!

Our amazing adventure has just become even more exciting.  Our story is going to be included in a 3 part video series for the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) and Cogeco TV (local cable company in the Iroquoia area).

Joan Mizzi-Fry, the producer, has been commissioned by Cogeco and BTC to produce 3 half hour spots for TV and for the BTC website, featuring the trail, its history, its users, and its future.

Our part started last week at Marian’s house, with Joan interviewing us to get some background about us and our project.  Then yesterday we met in Waterdown to re-enact the final section of the Iroquoia Trail, including of course a celebratory “cold one” at the local pub!

Here’s a picture of the production crew,  Jessica, Joan, and Jeff, on location:

We played our part, doing all the things we normally do on the trail – like take a ton of pictures, for example.  We “finished” with a photo of ourselves:

Look for us next April – on cable tv in the Hamilton area, and on the Bruce Trail website for the rest of us.  magdalena


2 responses to “We’ve been discovered!

  1. I am so inspired by you two. Imagine what you can do now! I want to join you on one of your walks.

  2. we’d love you to come, Joanne!

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