Mud, Moss and Mushrooms

Day 9, October 1, 2011.  Stoney Creek to Grimsby.

We may have lucked out with weather the week before, but not so much this time.  It was damp and chilly!  The route today gave us a couple of great views from the top of the ridge around Grimsby itself, especially from Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, but most of the day we hiked mid-escarpment, under the trees.  The bonus was we had fewer steep climbs today, but the challenge was rocky and uneven terrain, made sleek by dampness and sometimes mud (with which  Marian’s butt made intimate contact not once but twice!). And though we had fewer grand vistas than on some previous hikes, the moss and the mushrooms more than compensated.  Who knew there were so many varieties!

The great accomplishment today was that we completed our first section end-to-end.  We can now send off for our Iroquoia Section badge.  Hooray for us!

Just 80.1 km left to get to Queenston Heights. magdalena

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4 responses to “Mud, Moss and Mushrooms

  1. Congratulatings ladies! Looking forward to meeting you both on Oct. 15.


  2. Congratulations! That is fantastic!

  3. Hey girls….just got the link to hook up to your progress…good stuff.
    Keep those pictures coming. Wish i was with you, maybe next time.

  4. Just like a pair of hobbits on an adventure through middle earth…without the immanent peril. Keep the adventure going girls! Hobbits like mushrooms too.

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