Cheers to 100!!!!

Day 7 of our adventure and we are feeling good! A great walking day. Cooler than our last few hikes; a nice breeze kept the mosquitoes away and made it easier for us to push ourselves a bit further. It was the first time we walked over 20km and we did it in less than 6 hours! Not bad considering we are always stopping for photo-ops, we had to climb a fence and go around a fallen tree and there was no shortage of steep inclines and declines, including more than one set of steps – one set was 114 steps- a definite glute work.

Again we were awed by the beauty of the escarpment, the sheer magnificence of the rock and of course the waterfalls and prolific wild flowers. There was also an abundance of wild grapes, apples and pears and we saw 5 deer. The occasional glimpses and sounds of the highway, though  reminded us that we were not far from civilization.

Today we completed our first 100 kilometres!!! And we’re feeling pretty cocky. We’re pros now; experienced hikers, we know the drill; what to pack and wear; how much food and water to take; what to expect and how to handle the unexpected. There is nothing we can’t handle!  We don’t want to jinx ourselves by being too self-confident…but we have managed to deal with a few glitches already on our past hikes and we are strong, capable women…so here’s to our the next 700+ kilometres …marian


One response to “Cheers to 100!!!!

  1. Congratulations! Wow you guys are amazing! I love the waterfalls- where were those? I am inspired. Joanne

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