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Cheers to 100!!!!

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Day 7 of our adventure and we are feeling good! A great walking day. Cooler than our last few hikes; a nice breeze kept the mosquitoes away and made it easier for us to push ourselves a bit further. It … Continue reading

Our first waterfalls…

August 1, 2011 – Waterdown to Dundas

Day 6 in this trek, just 2 days after our last hike, and we know it’s going to be hot again.  Not 10 minutes in and we’re already lost. But it’s a quick little detour.  In no time we are back on the trail which takes us to Great Falls along Grindstone Creek.  Our first waterfall in this journey!  And so picturesque.

Even the path along Grindstone Creek is stunning in its beauty as it meanders around jutting rock faces and along the bubbling creek.

The trail for the rest alternately climbs the escarpment or takes us back down again – many times!   And as for our plan to beat the heat, we are already hot and sweaty an hour in.   Under the trees in the valley, the air is so close it’s stifling.  On the ridge we get a slight breeze but also full sun.

The day has a number of firsts.  We saw two waterfalls, as it happens – later we came to Borer’s Falls.   We crossed our first railroad tracks  – okay, big deal…  We found the ruins of an old stone home built from escarpment limestone.  We went through our first trail tunnel – under Hwy 6.  And we travelled through the upper (wilder) section of the Botanical Gardens.

We ended the day in the old town of Dundas at 1:30, took a taxi back to our car, and had our apres-hike beer at the American House  in Waterdown (an old stage coach stop from 1824).  We’re now at a cumulative total of 83.3 km, an “auspicious number” in that the next hike may just bring us to 100.  We are talking about reaching Queenston Hts by year end. Can we?  Time, as they say, will tell…  magdalena

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