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The end of our third hike was when the reality of our plan to hike the entire Bruce trail truly hit me. The first 2 days were a kind of mini vacation; out of the ordinary; fun; exciting to dream and plan this big adventure but 5 years is a long time and although I was committed, I’m not sure the reality of that commitment had fully sunk in for me. Until Saturday after we finished our walk! We were sitting with our celebratory beers and guidebook planning our next hikes. I was pumped and eager to set a date for the next hike and the one after that and after that…I guess it was the adrenalin or “high” after 6 hours of hiking – it had been a great day.  The weather was not too promising and we started quite late (11:30am) but the rain held off and we accomplished as much as our first 2 days combined. As Magdalena said, it wasn’t the Georgian Bay but the views were still pretty spectacular and the escarpment itself is an amazing geological feat….can’t wait for our next hike…marian


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