A five year goal

I’ve been reflecting on this question of starting a journey that’s supposed to take us 885 km.   I’m not sure how one even comprehends a goal like that.  To be honest, it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around this.  It’s not like we have 3 months so we can do this consecutively and can call it done. I know how life can intervene, how life can throw me curve balls.  There’s my own health.  The health of my children.  My husband. Finances.  And who knows what other compelling and competing goal will come my way?  And then I have a partner, Marian, with her own set of variables.

I have achieved a few neat personal goals this past year, some of which I’ve actually sustained for 12 months and more. I’ve finally joined Toastmasters after years of dabbling with the idea of it, and am about to finish my first set of 10 projects.  Also, I maintained an active fitness routine – at least 5 activities per week – for a full year now, which for me borders on amazing.  I’ve never been an athlete, I  hated gym class in high school.  Making time, and effort, for fitness has been an up and down thing all my adult life.  12 months of staying active and motivated is a fine achievement.

In May I completed my first ever half marathon walk, 21.1km, with the Mississauga Marathon.  Another fine achievement for someone like me. And my training team from that walk has me signed up for the Jazz Tune-Up 10 km run in the Beaches in late July. We’re training for that now.  I’m in the run a minute walk a minute phase, thinking, I’ll have to see if I can achieve this.  I fancy myself a walker, never have seen myself as a runner!  But I’m hoping to surprise myself at least once.

But you may see where I am going with this.  All of these are small chunk goals compared to saying in the next 5 years I will walk all 885 km of the Bruce Trail.

As of this moment, we’ve completed 2 days, and about 18.8 km.  We’ve dipped our combined toes in.

And will continue to do more all summer and fall. And maybe, bit by bit, we’ll look back and say “look at us now”.  magdalena


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