We’ve started!

Day one.  June 2, 2011.

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A journey that literally begins with a single step.   And a mistep…

But that’s a later part of this story.  The story really begins with anticipation.  A day that couldn’t be more beautiful. A slight chill in the air.  The sun shining brilliantly. The trees and grass a young new spring green.  Everywhere there are flowers – lilacs, forget-me-nots, apple blossoms, trilliums and columbines.  And the sky – the sky clear and as deep a blue as one can imagine.

Dana drops us off at the Whippoorwill Side Trail, from where we’ll join the trail at Peninsula Club km 87.7. That’s us in the picture with the sign that marks the start of our journey – Marian on the left, Magdalena on the right.

We have big plans.  We want to do many kms today – we have 885 km to walk in this goal that we have set, after all.  We’ve told Dana to pick us up at the access point at km 106.8, in 6 hours time. That will be 19 km, with an average of about 3 km per hour.  We’re feeling fit and strong.  We have our new hiking shoes on our feet, our wool socks, knapsacks with water and trail mix and sandwiches and first aid, and of course, our cameras!  We are ready for this day and this adventure.

Dana takes our picture, and waves us goodbye.  And right away we’re looking for the trail – there seem to be three different paths leading from the main sign!  Yikes!

But we find the turquoise coloured blazes that mark the side trail, and actually manage a full 20 steps before we just have to take some photos of the apple blossoms.  This is not about speed, right?  Which is a refrain we will use many more times on this day.   The side trail takes us across a meadow and into the forest, and then, there it is – the Bruce Trail white blaze.  We are off!    Magdalena


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